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Clearance *Local Pickup only*

From time to time we get items that don't quite fit what we do in here or items that have just sat for too long.  We will be putting these items on this page and with their clearance price listed,  Almost most things will be used, but not all. They are only available for local pickup.  Thank you.

We've been doing some organizing and cleaning and that has turned into a Clearance Table! Lots of good stuff that has been sitting for too long, or has a simple flaw I never got around to fixing. Also a couple of signed guitars. Everything 20%-75%OFF till gone. We'll be adding to this as we still have a few piles to go through. Come in and check out whats here.

Only a small portion of our inventory is listed on this site.  Please contact us if you don't see what you are looking for.

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