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1967 Fender Bassman Head, 50-watt, "Transition Year"

  • $ 80000

"Drip Edge" "Black Line" "Transition Year" Model

50-Watt all Tube

The term "drip-edge" refers to the aluminum trim surrounding the grill cloth on the earliest silver-face Fender amps. 

The earliest of the "drip-edge" amps are the "Black Line" models.  These amps are in every way a blackface amp with silverface cosmetics.  There is no clear consensus as to why the Black lines are present, but they appear just before the Volume controls and on either side of the amps name.  Many believe they were lay-out reference line that were never intended to make it into production.  They only appeared for about the first 4-6 month of production and are a great clue that the amp is one of the earliest with the silverface cosmetics.

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