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NUX JTC Drum & Loop Pro

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JTC Pro is an advanced pedal with simplified controls. It's a dual switch stomp box with 6 hours of recording capability and 256 loop track memories.

It has independent controls for the looper and the drum: left footswitch (LOOP) controls recording, overdub, and start/stop of the looper. This switch also features NUX patented Smart TAP function, which automatically detects whether you want to control the looper or to set the tempo of the drum.

Dual-Switch Action



There are 2 different loop recording actions on JTC Pro; Record and Play (RP), and Record and Overdub (RD).


Record and Play (RP)


Record and Overdub (RD)


Looper Action



Right footswitch (RHYTHM) controls the drum and it adds drum fills during the performance. While the drum track is playing, hit the RHYTHM switch to add a drum fill and it will play until the end of the current bar. The longest drum fill is one measure (depending on 4/4 or 3/4 rhythms). If you hit the switch right on the 3rd beat, this drum fill will be 2 beats only.


There are 40 drum patterns and fills including Pop, Rock, Blues, Metal and more other styles with 3/4 and 4/4 beats.


High Quality Drum Sound - Smart Drum Fills



It has very useful Start and Stop modes for making your jam sounds like an arranged song during the performance. There are 2 Start Modes and 3 Stop Modes:


Press and hold the Stop Modes button, and select a Start Mode: (Ar) Auto-Recording, (Nr) Normal Recording


After you record a track, you can simply push the Stop Modes button to choose the way you want to stop after you double-hit the Loop switch:


And, One Shot mode is very useful for playing any loaded backing track without looping. You can load any song to play along, the supported file type is 24-bit 44.1 kHz Stereo Wave (.wav)


You can download the NUX Audio Format Converter to change the audio file format and make it compatible for JTC Pro. (Instead of processing the audio signal, it only changes the file ID so that JTC Pro can recognize the file. The main file must be wav or mp3 format, please check the support page for the converter)

Normal Recording - Classic hit and play looper action. JTC Pro will start recording when you push the loop switch.

Auto-Recording - In this mode, when you push the loop switch, the JTC Pro will be standing by for recording. And it will start recording immediately when you hit the guitar strings.


Normal Stop - To stop immediately.

Fine Stop - To stop when the phrase loop reaches its end.

Fade Out - The track volume will be decreased to 0 slowly in 10 seconds then it will stop.

Start Modes


Stop Modes




Start/Stop Modes



JTC Pro has 2 outputs and there are several output modes: a stereo connection for two amplifiers, or you can activate the speaker cabinet simulation for Right Output to send your guitar signal directly to a PA system or PA speaker.


The Frequency Optimization helps you to achieve clear and dynamic drum sound of full range whether you are using a guitar amplifier, PA system or even a small practice amplifier.

Advanced Output Options and Frequency Optimization (FR ON/OFF)



You can connect the optional NUX NMP-2 control footswitch into this jack for switching phrase memories. Its seamless switching allows you to arrange different verses and choruses and play the whole song!

External Footswitch Input


You can load your favorite songs and backing tracks into JTC Pro to play along. Supported file type: 24-bit / 44.1kHz Stereo WAVE (.wav)

If JTC Pro can not play the song you added, you can simply use the NUX Audio Format Converter software which you'll find on the support section to covert the file. (Windows and macOS compatible)

Load Your Favorite Songs and Backing Tracks



(Instead of processing the audio signal, it only changes the file ID so that JTC Pro can recognize the file. The main file must be wav or mp3 format)

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