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Pearl P932 Longboard Double Bass Drum Pedal

  • $ 22900

The P932 Chain Drive Double Bass Drum Pedal features Demon-style Longboard Pedal Plates, two-position Powershifter function, Interchangeable Cam, and Click Lock spring tension adjustment for exceptional double bass drum play on a single bass drum.

Its Demon-style Longboard Pedal Plate allows for quick rebound and fast heel-down/heel-up playing transition.  Two-position Powershifter function completely changes pedal feel and power, and Pearl's Patented Interchangeable Orange Progressive Cam can be removed for play with the Perfect Circle cam, changing speed and acceleration throughout the stroke. 

Built to deliver speed, power, and exceptional performance at an unbeatable value.

DRIVE-  Single Chain
DRIVE CAM-  Perfect Circle Cam w/ Removable Orange Eccentric Cam
FOOT BOARD-  Demon Style Longboard 
BEATER-  Control Core DuoBeater 
BEATER ANGLE-  Infinitely Adjustable Beater Angle
UNIVERSAL JOINT-  Length and Position Adjustable

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