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Used VOX AD100VT-XL Valvetronix, 2x12" 100watt, Combo Amp

  • $ 32500

Great shape, powerful amp.  2x12" 100watt

From  Introduced in 2007, the AD100VT XL was the "big daddy" of the AD Valvetronix XL Series of amplifiers. It featured two 12" Vox special design speakers in an open back, pressed board cabinet powered by a 100 watt, 12AX7 tube/solid state hybrid Valvetronix amplifier circuit. The control panel was loaded with controls for eleven amp models, eleven pedal effects and a two channel digital programmer.

The Valvetronix XL series was derived from the Valvetronix AD series that had been introduced in 2004. The preamp of the XL series amps was reconfigured to feature more aggressive, high gain heavy metal guitar voicings.

The names of the eleven "Amp Models" on the AD100VT XL control panel were rather cryptic. They were: "Glass," "Funked," "Buzzsaw," "Crunched," "Thrashed," "Raged," "Modern," "Fluid," "Molten," "Black," and "Damaged." You can read more about these amp models at the Vox XL overview web page.

The "Effects" section of the amp was identical to the standard AD100VT version of the amp.

An optional VFS2 floor pedal allows for remote control of stored tonal programs.

An extenal speaker jack allowed the connection of an additional 8 ohm speaker cabinet to the AD100VT XL. Additionally, effects send and return jacks accommodate the connection of an additional guitar processor to the AD100VT XL.

The AD100VT XL was an extremely loud amp, but a rear panel mounted power amp level control allowed the player to adjust the output wattage of the power amp from zero to one hundred watts.

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