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Amahi Tropical Series (15 designs to choose from)

  • $ 5500

Great entry level (but not a toy) Ukulele.  These are real instruments with fun designs painted on them.

DDUK1- Rainbow Gradient

DDUK2- Blue Bird

DDUK3- Rainbow Flower

DDUK4- Pink Flower

DDUK5- Orange Flower

DDUK6- Green Flower

DDUK7- Psychedelic

DDUK8- Blue Flower

DDUK9- Ocean

DDUK10- Wavy Rainbow

DDUK12- Mermaid

DDUK15- Kiwi

DDUK16- Pineapple


DDUK18- Strawberry

  • -Soprano Size
  • -Painted Wood Body
  • -Open Geared Tuners
  • -Nylon Strings and Vinyl Zippered Carrying Bag

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